Globalization of R&D: Trends of Foreign ICT and Biotechnology Firms in India and China

Speaker:  Swapan Kumar Patra, PhD Candidate, CSSP, SSS

Venue:  Committee Room, JNU Central Library

Date and Time: 22nd September 2012 (Saturday), 4:00 pm


It is generally observed that Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) usually confined their Research and Development (R&D) at their home base. R&D in offshore location is the least prefer activity by MNEs. However, since early 1980’s, MNEs of Europe and USA were accessing R&D capabilities of other developed countries to augment the R&D infrastructure as well as R&D manpower. A new dimension is emerging with the present wave of globalization is MNEs from developed countries establishing their R&D units in developing countries, particularly in India and China. The phenomenon offers interesting research problem for innovation system studies to examine the process of transformation from much discussed ‘National Innovation System’ to a ‘Globalized Innovation System’. This presentation explores argues, that internationalization of R&D in these two countries have transformed into ‘globalization of R&D’ and innovation.

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