Understanding the Union Budget 2013-14


The Union Budget is the most important economic event of the year for the nation and sets the direction of the economy. As such, it is crucial to the life of every individual – whether a businessman or the poorest of the poor. While tax related proposals are important, expenditures are crucial to the well-being of the public. The Union budget is important for the States since resources are transferred to them. It impacts the health of the Public Sector Units and determines how well the Five year Plans work.
It is a complex document consisting of many parts which are not easily understandable by the lay public, especially because many technical terms are used. It impacts both the macro and the micro economic environment. At times, what may appear to be sound policy may turn out to be otherwise. It is not just an economic statement but also a political one.

Prof. Arun Kumar, CESP/SSS, JNU 
and Prof. Abhijit Sen, CESP/SSS, JNU and Member, Planning Commission.

Venue:  Lecture Hall 1, Convention Centre, JNU

Date and Time: 4th March 2013 (Monday), 4:30 pm