Theoretical Perspectives of Globalization: The Case of Sport


Globalization refers to the intensity of interconnectedness across world. Events occurring in one part of the globe may have its ramifications in various other parts.  The market forces and electronic means of communications (such as the internet and telecommunication) stand out as classis examples. However, this phenomenon invites few intriguing questions. Has states lost their significance in the globalized era? Or does the state and the market forces share a complementary relationship? The proposed discussion seeks to contextualize the theoretical dimension of globalization in the realm of sport (cricket and football). Besides, the discussion intends to investigate several greys area of globalizing phenomenon pertaining to the conception of identity. In a nutshell, the paper seeks to investigate the political as well as the economic aspects related to the globalizing tendencies on cricket and football.  

SpeakerAvipshu Halder 
Research Scholar, CIPOD, SIS, JNU
Venue:  Committee Room, Central Library, JNU
Date and Time: 1st March 2014 (Saturday), 4:00 pm