On the Symbiotic Relationship between Institutions and Values: With Special Reference to Corruption


Individuals are constrained to act within the framework of the societal institutions. The totality of actions by individuals in the society determines the outcomes at the social level. The nature of these outcomes determines which social values will be realized and which ones will not be realized. As individual values and preferences are not completely autonomous, in general being influenced by the dominant social values, the choice of institutional structure has profound implications for both individual and social values. The phenomenon of corruption ruptures the relationship between institutions and values in several different ways. An analysis of this process has the potential of enhancing one's understanding of how corruption of certain kinds can pose grave threats to the society.

Prof. Satish K. Jain
Centre for Economic Studies and Planning, SSS, JNU

Venue:  SSS I Committee Room, JNU
               Date and Time: 24th April 2014 (Thursday), 4:30 pm