Diabetes mellitus - A healthy and disciplined lifestyle is a big prevention


Diabetes mellitus (DM), also popular with the name sugar, has become a very common disease. According to world health organization 347 million people worldwide have diabetes. Diabetes caused 5.1 million deaths in 2013. In India 62 million individuals have been currently diagnosed with the disease.

Diabetes not only affects adults but children and young people are also victims. There are two common types of diabetes mellitus: Type I DM also called as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and Type II DM also called as non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Not any specific reason but it has been seen that genetic factors along with environmental influences are involved. People with obesity are more vulnerable TypeII DM. Stress, alcohol, tobacco are also risk factors. During this discussion we shall talk about the mechanism of insulin production and its action along with symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatment and preventive measures of the disease. 

 Speaker: Jasvir Kaur, Research Scholar
School of Biotechnology, JNU
Venue:  Committee Room, Central Library, JNU
Date and Time: 1st November 2014 (Saturday), 4:00 pm