Whatever happened to the Rupee


Since early May 2013, there has been a significant fall in the value of the Rupee vis-a-vis the Dollar leading to a historic low at 67 rupees per dollar a few days back. US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's statement appears to have caused a free fall in the value of the rupee, or so the RBI would have us believe. But the Indian Rupee has been falling in value quite consistently since August 2011. What are the factors behind this free fall? Are they domestic or are they international? Could it have been controlled? Can it at least now be controlled? These are a few questions that this talk would attempt to discuss. 

Speaker:  Dr. Rohit, Assistant Professor, CESP, JNU
Venue:  SSS-I Committee Room, JNU

Date and Time: 12th September 2013 (Thursday), 4:00 pm