Is there something called the ‘Indian’ theatre?


India has a vibrant culture of performances and theatres from tribal to folk to proscenium to street-theatre to amateur performance-genres. The history of Indian theatre has been written in terms of shastras, archeological evidences, documentations and colonial ideological ‘trappings’. After Independence, debates revolved around the idea of the ‘theatre of the roots’, with the National School of Drama being established as a training institution. With it began the process of problematizing the idea of the ‘national’ theatre. This paper attempts to open up the discussion regarding the writing of history of the Indian theatre. It also deals with the development of theatre in post-independent India and attempts to make a case for the existence of many Indian theaters rather than the idea of the singular Indian theater.

Speaker:  Gourab Ghosh, Research Scholar, CES, SL & CS, JNU

Venue:  Committee Room, Central Library, JNU

Date and Time: 28th September 2013 (Saturday), 5:00 pm