Birth of Art: Philosophizing the Myth


There are a lot of discussion about the origin or more significantly manifestation of Art in Indic tradition. All the discussions reveal the same fact that Art is the manifestation of our own Heart. Reality creates herself through Art. Indic tradition sees Art as Yoga. Here, Yoga is a means of achieving harmony or unity of consciousness or mental concentration to overlook the distinction between the subject and object.
Citrasūtra a section of Visnudharmottara Purāna, Citralaksana of Nagnajit speaks about the divine origin of Art in a form of painting. There are also much more contexts about the divine origin of Art. Whether we see these stories as a myth, or in other way it is a fact that they convey the essential truth that how Art is revealed or gets manifestation. 
Later Indian philosophers drawing inspiration from these myths philosophize the birth of Art. The presentation seeks to unfold the scenes of unbroken Indic tradition of stories of birth of Art and their philosophy.
      Speaker:  Dr. Mayank Shekhar, Senior Research Fellow,
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi

Venue:  Committee Room, Central Library, JNU

Date and Time: 5th December 2013 (Thursday), 4:00 pm